Wooden Pentacle Mortar and Pestle Set
Wooden Pentacle Mortar and Pestle Set

Wooden Pentacle Mortar & Pestle | Incense, Resin, Herbs

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Mortar and Pestle sets are a great tool for any witch to have on hand, especially the green witch and the kitchen witch!

The mortar and pestle have long been used in magick to crush and blend magickal ingredients for spell work. The mortar represents the Goddess while the pestle represents the God. Used together the mortar and pestle represent a unification of the two divine energies, making the mortar and pestle set a perfect tool for crafting magick.

USES: To use your Mortar and Pestle, gather your herbs, place a few in the center, and blend to your preferred texture and consistency. Mortar and pestle sets come in handy when you are wanting to crush your dried herbs into loose incense or powders for spell work.

RECEIVE: Wooden mortar and pestle set, featuring 3 pentacle designs. Each mortar measures approximately 3.75 inches by 3.5 inches and is made from a sturdy, mango wood.

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